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Health Package Holiday

We offer excellent packages to you with the opportunity to recover your health in our professional clinics located in Antalya region which is the tourism paradise of Turkey as well as the holiday packages we offer.

After informing and interviewing you, we arrange your accommodation and clinical appointment in such a way that it would cover the duration of your treatment.

We carry out the transfer from Antalya Airport to the Hotel you will be staying.

After you have settled in the hotel you will be staying, we will start your treatment in our dental clinic with the doctors who are experienced in their fields.

The purpose of our treatments is to provide you the opportunity to evaluate your valuable time which you have difficulty in sparing for your health during your holiday and thus we offer you both health and holiday opportunity.

FREE CONSULTATION : You can always call us for accurate and free information about your dental treatment.

Our extra services for our patients are:
  • Airport transfer (from Antalya and Alanya-Gazipasa) included in the price of the treatment
  • Accommodation reservation
  • Programme organisation on request
  • Shuttle Service is at your disposal.

Taxi Service ; We will take you during your treatment with our private vehicles from your hotel or your home (Alanya and around)

and leave you where you want after the treatment.

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Laughing well gives you everything; a smile is a sword. Having a charming and expressive smile gives you more than just looking beautiful. Fascinate people, earn their trust, and that's the only thing that shows your trust. We offer you the most comprehensive solution for a genuine and sincere smile. An attractive smile can make you feel happier and more comfortable - it can also make the right impression!


Vıp Service (Airport / Dental Clinic Hotel )

X-Ray, Detailed Diagnosis

Jaw Tomography And 3d Planning

Smile Design And Mock-Up Procedure

12. Pıeces Zirconıum Venerrrs/Full Veneers

Accommodation at The Corner Park Hotel

The Land of Legends Theme Park free

30% Discount For Other Treatments And Care Packages Of Medworld Clinic

Care Packages Of Medworld Luxury Clinic

Free Deep Tissue Massge Treatment

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