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Also known as the Blue Cruise or the Blue Tour it is a term used for recreational cruises along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

During the Blue Voyage season in Turkey, between May and October, the skies are blue and the seas are warm. Between these times, Blue Voyage guests enjoy glorious sunsets and long evenings, under gentle winds and still seas. With stunning coves and bays, and an endless myriad of history and culture to explore, Turkey has an undeniable charm and intrigue for yacht charters.

Motor Yachts

Rental Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts have two or larger engines. The contents of which are designed to be Luxurious or Deluxe and applied Motor Yachts give you the comfort of luxury on the Blue Cruise.

The number of luxury cabins starts from 3 units up to 6 units. Motor Yacht is for you to enjoy a very special holiday with your loved ones...

Pleasure, luxury and entertainment guaranteed!

The features and prices of the motor yacht are listed below in detail. Also, if you have any questions about motor yacht, you can contact us at our contact information number.

Motor Yacht Cabin

The motor yacht cabin, shown as an example in the picture, offers you all kinds of comfort. There are motor yachts for hire in all kinds of price ranges. The cabins also show quality differences in different segments.

Please contact us so that we can offer you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday at the best prices.

We Wish You Have a Pleasant Holiday...

Samples of Motor Yacht Cabin Plans

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