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About Bodrum

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Bodrum is the largest district of Mugla, which is connected to the Aegean region. The district is one of the most important tourism centres of today. With its lush green nature, unique streets, and clear sea, Bodrum is the apple of the eye of tourism not only in Turkey but also in the world. Bodrum has a climate characteristic of Aegean and Mediterranean synthesis. Every street, mountain, garden, beach, village, bay of the district evokes a different pleasure and makes this place indispensable.

Many famous names from Halicarnassus Fisherman to Zeki Muren have integrated themselves with Bodrum and have hosted the spirit of Bodrum in their lives. It fascinates not only as a unique holiday destination, but also with its historical and cultural values such as the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the seven wonders of the world. Bodrum is located 111 kilometres from Mugla, the city centre.

When to go to Bodrum for a holiday?

Although every season of Bodrum is beautiful, the busiest period is summer, but it maintains its mobility in other seasons with the recent migrations. The town is ideal for enjoying the sun and lively beaches in summer, and for taking a leisurely stroll among white houses and narrow streets in winter. In most of the Bodrum hotels, it is possible to experience the fun in the summer and the calmness in the winter in the most intense way.

How to go to Bodrum?

The closest airport for air transportation, which is the most practical and easiest way to reach Bodrum, is International Bodrum Milas Airport, which is approximately 36 kilometres from Bodrum centre. Another way to reach Bodrum is road transportation. Regular minibus and minibus services are available from the Bus Terminal to other towns on the Bodrum peninsula. The Bus Terminal is approximately 180 meters from the centre of Bodrum.

Transportation in Bodrum

Transportation from Bodrum New Bus Terminal to Dalaman, Datca, Fethiye, Kavaklidere, Koycegiz, Marmaris, Milas, Ortaca, Seydikemer, Ula, Yatagan, other holiday resorts of Mugla. While providing transportation, preferably taxi, car and bicycle rental services can be easily reached.

Bodrum Bays

Bodrum, where every corner is full of natural beauties, has many miraculous bays that will make nature holidays unique rather than hotel holidays. With dozens of coves waiting to be discovered, it is possible to make your Bodrum holiday more memorable. Some of the most beautiful bays of Bodrum;

Kargicak Bay

Kargicak Bay, one of the most untouched bays of Bodrum, is especially preferred by those who want to camp. There are no facilities such as a kiosk or a market near the Bay, whose sea is cooler and less salty than other bays. The bay is located approximately 35 kilometres from the centre of Bodrum.

Paradise Cove (Cennet Koyu)

Located in Golturkbuku, Bodrum, the bay offers a magnificent camping experience at the point where the sky, nature, and sea meet. The bay, which does not have any facilities in its vicinity to meet the market needs, is located 20 kilometres from Bodrum.

Kudur Cove

Kudur Bay, located in Bodrums Yalikavak area, is also home to the Panormus Rock Tombs, which are thought to belong to the Lycian period. The bay, which has beach clubs as well as the public beach, is 4 kilometres away from the centre of Bodrum.

Karaincir Bay

Karaincir Bay, located in Akyarlar district of Bodrum, is also known as the hidden paradise of the region. It offers an ideal environment for families with children with its golden sandy beach, clean and shallow sea. The bay, which has the coldest sea of Bodrum, is located approximately 25 kilometres from Bodrum.

Aquarium Cove

Located in Bodrums Bitez location, the bay takes its name from the diversity of sea creatures living in its clean sea and its likeness to an aquarium. The bay is a frequent destination for yacht tours with every shade of blue and the enchantment of the submarine. Aquarium Bay is approximately 23 kilometres from Bodrum.

What to do in Bodrum?

Bodrum, for which songs have been written, maintains its vitality not only in the summer but also in all seasons of the year, thanks to the recent migrations. Bodrum offers alternatives for those who want to experience the busy city life or the quiet village life. While the city hosts a magnificent habitat for forest and nature enthusiasts, it also offers a vibrant social life in its centre. Activities that can be done in Bodrum;

-Boat tour

-Water sports

-Museum trip

-Nature trip




What to eat in Bodrum?

In addition to its white houses, clear sea, and unique view, one of the features that make Bodrum Bodrum is of course its magnificent food. Bodrum, which is famous for its intense seafood and olive oil flavours, offers a complete feast of taste with its unique dishes such as Cokertme Kebab, Stuffed Zucchini Flowers, Sea Beans, Sour Bonito, and Roasted Ivy.


Shopping in Bodrum

In the centre of Bodrum, there are shops selling carpets, sponges, clothing, and traditional gifts, as well as shopping malls with many stores and a variety of products. Some of the shopping centres in Bodrum;

- Avenue Bodrum

- Oasis Mall

- Midtown Mall

Nightlife in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the tourism centres with the most colourful and dynamic nightlife. Especially in the busy summer months, the entertainment that starts on the beach continues from night to morning in bars, taverns, and clubs. Bodrum nights offer unlimited entertainment with karaoke, DJ stage performances and live music. Some of the most popular entertainment venues in Bodrum are;

- Moonlight Bar

- Halikarnas Disco

- Marina Yacht Club

- Fink Club

-Yula Cafe & Bar

Bodrum Bar Street

Bar Street can also be called the place where the heart of Bodrum beats. It is a historical street in the centre of Bodrum with shopping and entertainment venues. A fun life continues 24 hours a day in Bar Street, one of the living spots of the town.

Bodrum Marina

Milta Bodrum Marina is among the most preferred marinas of the Aegean and Mediterranean, with its technical service for yachts and boats. It is located next to Bodrum Castle and is an inner-city marina. There are many restaurants, shops, and social facilities in the marina, which has been awarded the blue flag and 5 Gold Anchors with its high standards.

Bodrum Windmills

The windmills in Bodrums Yalikavak location are the symbols of the district. The mills, which were built on the windy hills for the first time in the 1850s, were actively used until the 1970s. The relaxing view is worth seeing.

Bodrum Aqualand

Located in Ortakent, Bodrum, Aqualand offers an adventure that will bring excitement and adrenaline to the peaks and provide enjoyable hours for all age groups. There are toys for adults and children such as Kamikaze, Wave Pool, Lazy River, Kids Pool. In addition to many activities, the Aqua Park, which is built on approximately 35 square meters, offers restaurant service.